Sitting in the ag grounds in High River …

all by myself.  Enjoying the solitude after all the craziness.  Running this ride is fun and chaotic and emotional and exhausting … and great.  Wouldn’t be anywhere else, but this little interlude is pure heaven!

High River wouldn’t get us ride in, and everyone at the Peavey Mart was disappointed.  Next year I think it will be different.  *grin*  Dar Olmstead of the High River ag society is a real peach.  She (singlehandedly) arranged for our horses to have pens and hay and for the Kinsmen of High River to come make breakfast for us this morning.  Then, because that wasn’t enough, she made lunch for all our riders and ground crew.  Again, this was singlehandedly.  We love Dar!

It started off a miserable looking day, but it has shaped up considerably.  Any minute now the sun will come out.

Lunch isn’t ’til 1:30, but I have to get there with the biffy, so gotta run now. 

Happy trails.  Okotoks … here we come.


2 thoughts on “Sitting in the ag grounds in High River …

  1. BIG thanks to Dar!!! She was at the grounds to welcome us to High River and help us get settled in a very appreciated way (wink)! Then off to Peavy Mart for BBQ with burgers, potatoe salad and PINK donuts! YUM! Oh and COLD drinks!!! Then back to the grounds to watch Greg and Carol do some more work with the Fjords! Yes the boys have been ridden!! Here I have to take a moment to thank all the volunteers who are doing the best job in the world. Greg and Carol drove down from Calgary to meed us in High River, then back home and back the next morning! Along the way we also had a very strong and very sweet young man named Mike aka Mirandas man, George, Frank, Bill, Julio or whatever name we could come up with lol Mike did alot of heavy lifting and touting for us, all with a big smile on his face. Thanks so much Hymie and we miss you and Miranda very much! Cant forget about us volunteer lifers tho, myself, our photographer Hugh who is capturing all of our memories on camera and of course Kenny!

    We had a wet night in High River, rain during the night and COLD!!! A hot shower and breakfast put on by the Kinsmen was just what everyone needed to get going! We got to meet some Fortis people as well who footed the bill for the food that the Kinsmen cooked up. Then it was time to clean up (Dar even helped out with that!) and move out! Another pleasant days riding. Oh forgot to mention we picked up a new rider here, Cindy and her hubby Brian and son Brendan as volunteers!
    We arrived in Okotokes (I never spell that right) mid afternoon. Got myself a hotel room then went with Jane to pick up her house from High River. Had a warm dry comfy evening on my computer, watched some tv and a fantastic nights sleep. Now Im wide awake at 5 am, blogging and doing laundry lol The people here at the Lakeview Hotel have offered to let everyone shower here in my room and have a continental breakfast with them. Thanks Lakeview for a great night and morning! My tent is still soaked in my very decorated pathfinder (decorations courtesy of Stavely) but my clothes are all DRY!!! YAY!


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