What can we say about Acme?

They are such a cute little town!  And friendly!  And boy, did they ever go over the top fundraising for our cause.

We paraded around town when we arrived and stayed with a lovely gentleman who lost his wife to cancer and has a farm right at the edge of town.  Dinner was a pot luck affair that the locals provided and then paid to eat! 

Entertainment was by Dusty Dee, a wonderful young singer Rusty discovered.  I don’t know how, or where, he found Dusty, but what a gem!

This morning it was PINK pancakes, sausages, bacon and eggs.  Yum.  (I am already up 30 lbs, I’m sure.  I expect to be up 50 lbs before this tour is over!)

And then we were off to Linden for lunch.

What a FANTASTIC little town Linden is!  Do you know, they raised $2,500 toward our cause, and they weren’t even on the tour ’til a week before we left Waterton!  How’s THAT for impressive?


5 thoughts on “What can we say about Acme?

  1. We were glad you stopped by Linden. Hopefully next year we will do better for you. Good luck with the rest of your ride! Thank you for thinking we are fantastic, we think you are pretty FANTASTIC yourself!


  2. Lee, “do better”? You did fantastic! We were so very impressed. We’re thinking that if we stay on that trail, next year we’ll have to pencil you in as a night stop! (That’s a threat, not a promise! *grin*)


    • We would gladly welcome you to spend the night in our campground! We have plenty of local talent that I’m sure would be more than willing to entertain you as well! Let me know. Have a great ride!!


  3. Acme was great, very welcoming and very helpful. Big thanks to Doug for letting us and our horses stay on his beautiful property and another big thanks to Brice and his family for all their help and support. Brice is a very enterprising young man who does lawns and handiwork in town. He and his sisters and cousins did all they could to help us out with horse chores, lifting, carting and anything else we needed help with! Then the next day they rode in the wagon all the way to Three Hills!! Brice if you slow down on work long enough to do school work you will go a long way in life!! That boy is ambitious!!!
    The parade around town was alot of fun, as always, love to see the pink sights and people outside to greet us and wave! The meals were fantastic and Dustys singing is always a treat, especially his song, Radio Man. Hes sang it for us twice and both times has brought us all to tears. To hear this beautiful song that hits us all close to home you can go to his website, http://www.dustydee.com and click on Radio Man. Have kleenex handy!! Thanks again Acme for a wonderful stopover!


  4. Our lunchtime stop in Linden was great! Good food with great caring people. And did they ever know how to raise spirit and money!! Thanks for lunch Linden!! And thanks for all you did towards this cause.


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