Another stellar person we’ve met is Jim Hiley of Beaumont Ag Society.

I just love Jim (in a brotherly fashion).  He is genuine.  He cares about his family.  He cares about his town.  He cares about his ag society.    And Jim cares about our cause.  The fact that he has a wife and daughter(s?) might be part of it, but I am quite sure that Jim cares about our cause because breast cancer affects everyone … in his community and beyond.

Another stellar individual in the Beaumont area is Bruce Walker.  He’s the head honcho for Beaumont Ag Society and Rusty and I met with him (along with Jim Hiley) to set up our stop in their town, but Bruce has been sidelined with health issues.  We wish Bruce well and pray for a complete recovery.  We know he’s left the ag society in good hands (Jim’s) for now.

Just as they did last year, Beaumont Ag Society looked after us well.  Since we visited last, they’ve built a beautiful pole barn with box stalls that our horses were invited to use.

Dinner in Beaumont was the same as last year, and we love it.  They serve us the most incredible pork steaks!  I don’t know where they get them but they are BIG and they are tender and succulent.  All the trimmings are there to go with them, right down to the apple sauce (which, for me, is de rigeur when one is having pork).

This year they added a feature of hot dogs sales for the public, if the public wanted to attend.  All monies raised there were donated to our cause.

Just as it was last year, we had young Adam, his voice and guitar, entertaining.  The only difference was that Adam is one year older and about ten years more confident.  I was amazed by the change in him!  This young man is going to go places with his music.  That’s a given.

Again, folks were given an open mike to say what they wanted/needed about breast cancer and how it has affected them.  I talked about how, for me, the term “survivor” doesn’t work.  How can you be a survivor if this thing can come back at any time and bite you again?  I prefer to call myself a breast cancer warrior … and my war ain’t over ’til this thing is history.

Morning came and Beaumont Ag Society did a pancake breakfast for us before loading us up with lunches provided by the Eaglemont Christian Church group and a cheque from the Beaumont and District Lion’s Club for $250.

Thank you, Beaumont.  Know that we love you and very much appreciate what you’ve done to help our cause.


One thought on “Another stellar person we’ve met is Jim Hiley of Beaumont Ag Society.

  1. By the time I reached Beaumont I was done! Couldnt face another night in the wet tent and couldnt afford another hotel so off I went to visit friends. I did return tho the next day to Fultonvale to sell our wares!! Rested, clean cloths and even polished nails lol


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