Big trucks and Black Jack!

The trip into Camrose was lovely.  We rode through an incredibly beautiful valley with a river at the bottom.  Not one horse had trouble with the bridge.

We discombobulated on lunch today, so I went flying into Camrose to see what I could do.  I “met” (on the phone) a very cool dude named Ken Mah.  Ken just happens to be one of the owners of the local Tim Horton’s franchises!  (Both of them.)   Ken gave us a free lunch — for all twenty five of us!  Yummy too!  Nothing much tops a Timmy’s sandwich on a bun!

Once lunch was done, the riders rode into town and, with an RCMP escort, they rode right down main street!  (It was probably 5 km long!)  Trucks whizzed by.  Big trucks.  Lots of trucks.  Our horses were rock solid … especially my Fjords, though I wasn’t driving.  I was standing around waiting to speak on CFCW, which was broadcasting from the parking lot of the Peavey Mart in our honour.

That evening the City of Camrose took us out to dinner at the Camrose Casino.  Yum!  Next morning, breakfast was on the local McDonald’s.  Can’t ask for more than that!


2 thoughts on “Big trucks and Black Jack!

  1. The best part of this day was that I got to ride a horse. Donna traded for the day and did drag queen duties and allowed me the pleasure of riding her beautiful boy Duke for the day! What a wonderful change!

    Because my vehicle was left out at the staging site for some reason (boo) I didnt get back to town in time for the supper or to get my tent set up to dry out so I hoteled it in Camrose. Next morning I picked up free breakie at McDonalds for the whole crew and headed out to Jo Jos to start another day.


    • Hey Pam, my THANKS TO YOU – was great for me just to see how solid Duke was once you put him through his paces. You are a terrific rider – thanks again.


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