Can’t ride to Fultonvale. The highway’s too busy …

so instead, we parked our vehicles just shy of the highway and rode to them.  Again, a beautiful day.  We are so blessed.

For our lunch stop, the horse side of Rusty’s brain froze and he chose to stop RIGHT beside the railway tracks!  After unhitching the team, he “came to” and they moved everybody, except our wagon, over and away from the tracks.  About the only thing different on the trail that day was a woman stopping us to give us money.

Highway 14 is too busy to cross without an RCM escort, and we couldn’t get one that day, so we rode to our trailers and trailered into Fultonvale.

It’s a good thing we did that!  Wow!  You should have seen the crowd we attracted this year at Fultonvale!  CFCW did their thing on air for us, and between that and all the advertising that Deb Carroll and Edmonton Equine Veterinary Centre did, we had a full house!

Returning again were the Graham Sisters with their (completely insane, death-defying) trick riding routine.   (Were I their mother, I’d have had a heart attack years ago.)  Edmonton Equine Veterinary Centre called up Neil Dimmock (the man who has driven a world record 46-Percheron hitch) and asked if he’d do a 6-Percheron hitch demonstration.  Sure, he would!  And then Caitlin Carter offered to bring her three horses and show some incredible horsemanship where she rode her palomino (without a bridle) and worked with two buckskins that were completely at liberty.  She had them doing all sorts of stuff, ending with the buckskins lying down and the palomino jumping over them! 

Deb Carroll’s mother made umpteen pies that were raffled off.  Hot dogs, hamburgers and chili were available.

I’ll bet we had 600 people there.  Deb Carroll thinks it might be closer to 800.  What a GREAT turn out!  To start the festivities, Rusty, Rae and I drove the team around the grounds (as did Neil Dimmock) giving folks a ride, if they chose to join us.  Then we drove the team three times around the arena, waving to everybody while Hedi’s daughter did the honours of telling people about us, about the trip, and about Norwegian Fjord horses.  After that, the show was on.

Once everybody had admired all the horses, seen the show, eaten the food, bought the pies … they went home and the riders and volunteers of the Wild Pink Yonder sat around having a beer (or a sip of wine) while Chris Schauer played her guitar and entertained us with her incredibly beautiful voice.


2 thoughts on “Can’t ride to Fultonvale. The highway’s too busy …

  1. What a fun evening it was! Not only great entertainment but the Blackfoot Trail Riders and the Strathcona Arabian Horse Association pitched in to have food available for both riders and the crowd. All the food was donated by the club members as well as items for the silent auction. SAHA also set up the sound system at no charge to the function.

    And don’t forget one of my favorites: Mac the largest steer in Canada. What a large bovine he was! I think more people had their photos taken with Mac than any other attraction. You never know what Hitchmasters might bring along!


    • Eek, Hedi! Of course, I should have given accolades to SAHA and the Blackfoot Trail Riders! My bad! And I forgot all about “Big Mac”! How in the world could I have done that! *giggle. snort.*

      Thanks for picking up after me.


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