Update: Cody

Last I heard, it was looking like the kick that Joanne’s “Cody” took was not as serious as we thought.  I heard a rumour that it was looking more like a bad bruise on his stifle and he’s starting to walk on it more normally now.

Joanne … got a further update for us?


6 thoughts on “Update: Cody

  1. He is starting to use it more now and has actually tried running a little bit. Doesn’t get too far though. Still favors it quite a bit, but it is coming along slowly but surely. Hopefully he makes a full recovery!


  2. Just got back from taking coady to the vet. Not sure where Jane heard that it wasn’t bad but the xrays beg to differ. He has “a lateral tibial crest avulsion fracture” and a damaged lateral patellar ligament. Strict stall rest for 2 months, then he can go in a small paddock as long as he doesn’t overdo it. He will be laid up for at least 6 more months, may be closer to a year before I can ride him again.


  3. That is awful, Joanne! I am so sorry to hear that. (I don’t know where I heard that it might not be as bad as we feared. Odd how rumours get started, isn’t it?)

    But he was kicked 6 or 7 weeks ago. Was this his first set of X-rays, or did it just not show up on previous ones? Does your vet anticipate a full recovery … eventually? Gawd, I hope so. Cody is an awesome horse.


  4. It was 5 weeks ago and at the time Deb said to give it 3 or 4 weeks as that is how long it could take if it was a bruise. He was still having trouble so these were his first xrays, but won’t be his last.


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