While the rest of Alberta was wet, wet, wet … Wild Pink Yonder has seen none of it!

It is an amazing thing.  I spoke to my husband nearly every evening while we were on the trail.  Nearly every evening he told me that it had rained again that day in the Edmonton area.  And we all know how southern Alberta was hit with rain this year.  But it’s been nothing but blue skies for Wild Pink Yonder!  The horse gods must be looking out for us.  Either that or God thinks the work we’re doing is important enough to keep the weather on our side.  Either way, we’ll take it!

Leaving Wetaskiwin and riding into Millet was another one of those beautiful, perfect Alberta summer days.  Blue skies.  Just enough breeze to keep the bugs down.  Warm.  Our numbers are climbing again.  Our darling little Carly will be back with us soon, riding her new horse, “Dancer”, because Major is tired and has lost weight again.

Millet is a cute little town.  Very, very cute.  It got itself pinkified for our visit so we paraded down mainstreet (aka Highway 2A) and then down the longer road to the Millet Ag Centre.

Showers!  (Tha”turn the handle” variety, not out of the sky.)  

Then a combination of Eleanor, Terry, Ingred, Myrna, Sharlene, Jeff and the other Jeff made dinner for the riders and ground crew.  Oh, my!  Borscht!  (I love borscht!)  Pink mashed potatoes, roast beef and gravy, salads and side veggies.  Heaven!

After our dinner the town had hamburgers for the general public, a live auction and live music inside the ag centre arena.   I can’t tell you how much they raised, but they aren’t in the hunt for Pinkest Little Town in the West because they are sending their money straight to a combination of Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation and Alberta Cancer Foundation, not to us.  (In the end, it all winds up in the fight to end breast cancer, so that’s fine by us … but by doing it that way, they are disqualified from Pinkest Little Town participation.)

A good time was had by all.  In the morning, the Town of Millet did it again, raising Millet troups and putting on a bang-up pancake and sausage breakfast.  Then we picked up our bagged lunches that were lovingly made by the Red Hat Society of Millet, and we were on the road again.  More perfect blue skies.  More trails upon which to wander … or is that “upon which to yonder“?


One thought on “While the rest of Alberta was wet, wet, wet … Wild Pink Yonder has seen none of it!

  1. Ah Millet, the town of very strong men, strong enough to wear pink DRESSES!!! LOL Those guys were a hoot including one of our police escorts, complete with earings and makeup!! They had some very talented singers and some great auction booty!! I bagged myself some cool pink boots! If Id had room that huge antique window decoration thingy would have been mine as well!! Supper was fantastic, as was breakfast! Great time was had by all and Pinkys store did well. In the morning Sandy took over as drag queen for the day and I was off to Leduc. Did a little Walmart shopping, had Subway lunch then to Peavy Mart to set up shop. That was a blast!!


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