AGM — there will be one.

I am still at the coast, and will be ’til mid-week, but please know that this year there will be an annual general meeting of Wild Pink Yonder.  At that time we will discuss how to make this event even MORE successful, and how to take some of it off my plate.  (After 2.5 years of doing this EVERY day, I want my life back!  You guys are the key to that.)

So, let me know what works for you (timing-wise) and whether you like the idea of going to St. Ann Ranch in Trochu, or if you’d rather have it closer to Edmonton … or what.  Also, do you care if it is week day or weekend?  Two days or three?

Lemme know, folks.  Thanks.


5 thoughts on “AGM — there will be one.

  1. The AGM is a definate must – there was lots of ideas kicked around on the 22 days on the Pink Trail and Deb, bless her cotton socks, made note of them all!!!!! I would love to attend, especially at St. Anne Ranch and with the exception of Tuesdays, can make just about any time work (with a little notice!) Job well done team!!


  2. I’m up for it too if you think I might be of some help. St. Ann Ranch would be awesome and weekends would be best for me but I can always book time off work if I have advance notice (darn work seems to interfere with so much. Good thing I like my job, huh?)


  3. COUNT ME AND THE FAMILY IN! (zeke too) lol weekedns work best for us but can probably take time off if needed. 🙂 Keep us posted!!


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