Wild Pink Yonder “Reunion Ride” — a request

(It isn’t really a “reunion”, you know.  Really, it’s a good excuse for anyone who wants to go riding in the Blackfoot with a bunch of fun people, to do so.  As long as you’re fun, we don’t care if we knew you before or not!)

Any-hoo, if you are planning to come ride on October 9th with us, please let either Miranda (amarie_86 at hotmail.com) or me (jane at wildpinkyonder.com) know.

You are welcome to come to my place in the evening of October 8th and spend the night (in your camper/tent/what have you), and you are welcome to stay over Saturday night (Oct 9th) as well.  I will build electric fence pens for everyone who needs one.

As you can see on our website, we will ride Saturday and then have dinner (at my place) in the evening.

What I need to know right now is, if you’re coming, will you have room in your trailer for another horse?  After he drops her off at The Blackfoot, Cheryl’s hubby has offered to go to my place to help with the making of dinner!  (Everybody should have such a great hubby!)  But if Tony does that, he won’t be there to take Cheryl and her horse back to my place.  So, if you’re coming, and if you have room for one more, please drop me a line.  Thanks bunches.


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