What a sick-o!

Hi, everyone.  You’ve not heard from me much lately because I have gone from one stupid illness to another, non-stop for weeks now.  I started with “iritis”.  Who knew an inflammation of the iris of your eye could cause you to go blind?!  Yikes!  I had to be VERY careful with that one and used drops that dilated my eye for a week!  That was followed by some eye steroids.  *eyes rolling*  Then the tooth that abscessed at the beginning of the ride abscessed again … so I started antibiotics.  But at the same time as I did that, I got one hell of a cold, so took some “Day Quill”.  The doctors in emergency figure I had an allergic reaction to the “DM” (“dextro methorphin”, or some such spelling), but the reality is we don’t know because I was mixing wa-a-a-a-a-a-ay too many drugs.  Wound up in the hospital with half my face swollen all out of proportion and half my throat slammed shut and a whole bunch of sores all over the inside and outside of my mouth and down the back of my throat.

It’s been a slice.  Not!

Anyway, I made it back to the land of the living JUST in time for The Reunion Ride, which I will tell you all about in my next posting … right after we charge over to the neighbour’s to retrieve our wandering sheep, and I take a load of hay to our bulls on the farm by Seba Beach.  So, expect to hear from me this evening!  (We had a blast, and the weather was perfect.)


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