Today I finally got to talk to the facilitator that the government promised for us!  She is a very nice sounding woman named Kim Ghostkeeper (is that not the coolest name ever?) — and she’s ready to help us on the weekend of October 23rd and 24th.  She says we shouldn’t go too long on any day, so the hours will be 10:00 a.m. ’til 4:00 p.m.  No longer.  Maybe Sunday might even be shorter.  She wants to keep it fun.  (Fun?  I thought this was supposed to be WORK!)

So I’ve told Kim what I think we need to accomplish.  She has given me homework.  I must write down “things we have to get done to make WPY work” on 4″x8″ cards and give them to her before next weekend. I can do that.

My challenge to you is to have you write down ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you can think of that should be mentioned at our first day’s meeting.  I’m looking for suggestions of:

– things to add to the ride,

– things to change about the ride,

– things to drop completely from the ride,

– new and different ideas to be considered for the ride

– committees we need in order to be more effective.

The most important proviso is this:  THERE ARE NO BAD IDEAS.  That’s not to say we’ll implement them all in 2011 (or maybe ever) — but the more ideas that are presented, the more food there is for thought.  Sometimes an idea that starts off sounding impractical or silly sparks another thought that turns out to be brilliant.  So … have at it and don’t be embarrassed to present ANY ideas you might have.

The general meeting will be at Edmonton Equine Veterinary Centre, which is maybe a quarter mile south of Highway 14 on Range Road 212.  (This is about half way between Sherwood Park and Tofield.)

You are welcome to camp in the parking lot of the vet hospital if you would like.

Please RSVP me ( so I know how big a roast to take out for dinner Saturday night.

Also, if you’re willing to do something for a potluck dinner, please let me know that too.  (If no one is up for that, I’ll throw a bunch of potatoes ‘n’ stuff in with the roast and that will be that.  Not fancy, but nourishing!)


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