The Pinkest LIttle Town in the West is ………………..

TROCHU!  Those people went so far above and beyond that we’re still reeling!  From their population of 1,133, Trochu managed to raise a whopping $27,025.61 for our fight against breast cancer!  And when it came to pink … they were!   There were pink paper peonies on every front door in town.  There were countless pink bras hung hither and yon.  Three little girls raised $488 selling pink lemonade on main street!  Their live auction was a hoot.  The auctioneer said, “Okay, folks, this reverse osmosis unit sells for $400.  Who’s going to start the bidding at $500?” When the dust settled, they sold that RO unit for $1,000! And then there were the Trochu angels.  What a touching idea!  They sold pink angels and put them on the angel tree that lived in the local pharmacy:  pale pink angels in memory of those who lost their battle with breast cancer and darker pink angels for those who are still fighting.  You could purchase an angel and write any message you wanted on it.  Ultimately, they sold 200 angels, and asked if they could send their angels to ride in our wagon as we headed for Edmonton.  The final straw was the lunch bags in pink taffeta.  Each one had a hand-made little scrapbook telling of everything Trochu did to raise breast cancer awareness and to collect money for the cause.

Mind you, I think Three Hills was pinker.  Three Hills’ parade with little kids and their pink pony cut-outs had everyone going “Awwwwww”, and their carnival in the park made me think I was on the set of the main square at Star’s Hollow.  (That’s from the TV show “Gilmore Girls”.)  Their seniors’ lodge had pink bunting hanging from every balcony, and they had pink lemonade ready and waiting for us when we got to the end of the parade route.  They even wrapped their water tower in pink!

Ultimately, though, while Three Hills had the edge on pink, Trochu had much more than an edge in fundraising.

We go to Three Hills and Trochu tomorrow for their cheque presentations.


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