Horses for sale!

Hey, folks.  My neighbours bought this horse with a foal at its side for their daughter.  Daughter moved to the city.  Horse and filly sat.  (Sound familiar?)  Well, turns out horse was pregnant too!  So now neighbour has THREE horses and no daughter to ride the one or train the others … so I said I’d offer them up for sale here. I, personally, make no claims about them.  I think I’ve seen them once — from a distance.  I hear good things about them though.

Willow is 2 years old and has had 2 weeks training this summer. She's halter broke and leads well. She's easy to catch and eager to learn. Trainer says she's a special horse wilth a nice disposition. Quick learner and willing. Asking $500

Copper was born on Mother's Day. Stud cold. Imprinted and loves to be around people. Asking $200.

Whiskey is a 13 year old broke saddle horse. She's had 2 weeks of refresher training this summer. Very responsive and trusts rider. Asking $900.

If you are interested in any of these horses, drop me a line and I’ll put you in touch with the owners.  Thanks.


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