You’ve not heard much from me lately ….

because my life has gone in the tank.  That would be the septic tank!  Well, first it was the well.  We have an old fashioned well.  All the machinery is down in a pit.  The pit filled with water and all the equipment went for a swim.  Some parts didn’t think that was amusing and quit working.  While hubby worked on that, I ran around like a mad woman getting signed up for water from Chipman, organizing the water tub (the one from the ride) on a trailer and getting water for the critters.

Just nicely got everything working and back on track … and the sewer backed up!  What a mess!  I don’t believe insurance is going to cover this, so I’ll be out of commission for a while longer, mopping up and disinfecting my basement!

*mumble,  grumble, grouse*

I’ll be back with good news as soon as I find some!


3 thoughts on “You’ve not heard much from me lately ….

  1. Okay, I’m ba-a-a-a-ack! Back on track. Turns out insurance WILL cover this mess, which is huge good news because all the walls and all the flooring has to come out.

    The bright note is now all the stuff hubby has squirreled away down there has to GO! I get to start with a fresh new basement (in what WAS my sad little 1941 basement with dark paneling that would have been installed in about 1950).

    Drywall, here we come! Yay!


  2. Well, Carly, it’s a tad inconvenient at the moment because, as you know, I don’t have the biggest house in the world and so when one has to have the ironing board UPSTAIRS, it has no other place to go but in the middle of the living room … along with anything else I want to use that is supposed to live in the basement. So the house is a worse mess than usual. *grin*

    But, the upside is that when it’s done, I’ll have a lovely, bright basement! I’m looking forward to that!


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