Three cheers for Cheryl Peresinni!

She was at our Riders’ General Meeting and made all sorts of wild promises.  *grin*  Amongst those promises was to try to get us a sponsor for a cargo trailer that could be used as “Pinky’s Dry Goods Store”.  (Working out of the back of Pam’s SUV was less than wonderful last summer.)  I figured that if she could find ANYTHING, it would be a company willing to lend us a cargo trailer for a month or two in the summer.

HA!  Not our Cheryl!  She went to work and has convinced a Calgary-based company called “AMR Group” to GIVE US a 2010 6’x12′ cargo trailer!  All AMR Group wants in return is to put their logo somewhere on it!

Ask me if I am over the moon!

Now I have to figure out how Cheryl did that, so I can use the same strategy.  On second thought, maybe I’ll just strong-arm Cheryl into doing ALL our sponsor-getting!  *grin*

Additional thought:  Anyone know of a company that would be willing to paint this trailer breast cancer pink for us?  For free?

11 thoughts on “Three cheers for Cheryl Peresinni!

  1. If you don’t get one of your own, Pam, Rusty and I will bring this one down for during your ride. (The rest of the year, you’ll have to pack your truck!)

    But you’ve got a good scrounger in Dan, don’t you? Maybe it’s time to tickle his ear.


    • Yep, you DO, Sandy! I’ve been thinking about that motor home … and what a GREAT addition THAT would be! It could lead the parade AND pull the stock trailer! And if we can find a “shadow driver” for the pink wagon, I can work like a mad fool at media stuff in the back of the motor home whilst being ferried about the province!


      • I am very talented with new media and my school has one of the best labs in Southern Alberta, I intend on getting the logo off the website and working with it.

        It’s not going to be a 100% job, we are sand blasting it, painting it a lighter pink (NOT pepto pink), then writing our farm logo in white with a dark pink outline. 2 Of my extremally talented art friends with be painting a mural along with a giant Breast Cancer Ribbon on the front.
        All of the people who help me with it will but putting their handprint (in dark pink) in a circle, and in the middle of our handprints it will read “Together, we can”.

        It’s depressing it’s only temporary, we planned on having it repainted, so we figured, “it’s being professionally repainted, so why not go crazy until then?”


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