It isn’t even 2011 yet …

and we’ve already got our first Longrider!

Carly Carrier is one very lucky young woman.  She has an “adopted grampa” who has decided to sponsor Carly’s entire ride!  All $4,400 worth!  But that’s not stopping our Carly from fundraising.  No, sirree!  Carly is now going to work with her friend, Maddy, to see how much they can raise on Maddy’s behalf.  Who knows?  If the girls work hard enough, Maddy may become a Longrider too.  We’d enjoy that.  She’s about as nice a young girl as our Carly.

For those of you who’ve not met her, Carly is 13 now.  She was 12 when she rode with us for 2 days on our inaugural year.  Then last summer, at 13, she was with us for 5 days.  Things just keep getting better!  We love our Carly and look forward to having her for the entire trip next summer.  (Having her parents along from time to time is great too.  They’re fabulous ground crew.)

So, Fern … are you going to keep Carly company?  (And share your sleeping quarters with her again?)

No, wait.  If you’re coming the entire way this year, Carly, you may have to spring for a pup tent.  Fern might want a little privacy from time to time over the 22 days of the ride!


15 thoughts on “It isn’t even 2011 yet …

  1. Nine days! Oops, sorry, Carly! Time sure flies when you’re having fun, eh?

    And I just KNEW she’d help with the adoption of Sundre. I’m tickled pink to hear that she’s going to help with James River Bridge as well. I guess I should not be surprised. She and Fern got along famously … plus that is one special not-so-little girl you have there, Karen.


  2. Jane, you are going to have to call Carly a young woman now. She’s not a little girl anymore, she is a very sociabally responsible young woman and her parents should be so proud of her!


    • And you are right too, Joanne … though I have grown boys of my own who I refer to as “kidlets” all the time, ‘cuz they are MY kids and once upon a time they were little.

      “Young woman”? Naw, I can’t call her that! It’s way too formal. How about I call her a “girlie”? *grin*


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