Things are starting to rock and roll for 2011!

I have just learned that Wild Pink Yonder is going to the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association (AUMA) conference!

There will be 1,200+ delegates — some from every municipality in the entire province — and we get to speak to them for 5-10 minutes with photos from the ride projected behind us.  Oooooh, the excitement!

Add to that the fact that Barry Kletke, the mayor of Trochu, has agreed to offer up a Wild Pink Yonder Mayor’s Challenge, and things are looking a little better than pretty good!

Icing on the cake is that we get to take our pink covered wagon and put it in the lobby of the hotel where they are meeting and leave it there for the duration of the conference!  (This is assuming it will fit.  I’ve just sent them the dimensions now … but if cars and trucks can be displayed there, I don’t see why a wagon couldn’t!)

So … anyone going to be in the Edmonton area between November 22 and 24 with nothing to do?  We will need folks to man the wagon and hand out literature about WPY.


3 thoughts on “Things are starting to rock and roll for 2011!

  1. Way to Go !

    That is an excellent way to get publicity!

    You might have to take the hoops off the wan to get it in the lobby, then re-assemble. It will be a Show Stopper.


    • Yes, Susan. We’ve already been told that with the hoops on, it is too tall to get into the conference centre! But we’ll take it in in parts and all will be well … I hope! In any event, we’ll have all afternoon to put it together again.

      What an extraordinary opportunity this is!


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