TURKEY! (No, I’m not name-calling! No, I’m not talking about Christmas!)

Today’s big news is … if you’ll be with us on the trail when we ride into James River Bridge in the summer of 2011, forget the hamburgers!  You’ll be having TURKEY for dinner!

Yay, Fern!  Fern Kornelson has adopted the James River Bridge stop all by herself (and then run out and gathered a group of great people to help her), and has co-adopted the Sundre stop with Karen Carrier.  We could not be more thrilled.  Not only is Fern planning turkey for dinner, she has plans for all sorts of great entertainment.  I’m not allowed to tell you the part of the entertainment that I know about … and she isn’t even telling ME about the rest of it!  So, plan on a good time at James River Bridge.

Fern … do your plans involve getting a bunch of people out as a fundraiser at James River Bridge?  Without being specific, will you share with everybody the kinds of things you’re thinking about — so I can get more folks interested in adopting?

Editing to add: Wait!  It just dawned on me that for those of you who only rode with us for a day or two won’t realize the significance of the turkey.  Wherever we went last summer, with very few (much appreciated) exceptions, EVERY morning we were served pancakes, sausages and toast.  EVERY evening we were served hamburgers.  We got SO sick of hamburgers that the joke was — who would be the first to eat a hamburger once the ride was over?  (I had my first ‘burger yesterday, November 25th, and only out of desperation.)  When I got home from the trail ride, I advised Hubby that he’d not see a hamburger before Christmas, and then again, he’d not see one after about May 1 in 2011.  *grin*  (We won’t even speak to the fact that I DETEST pancakes.  Always have.  Most certainly always will now!  *grin*)


7 thoughts on “TURKEY! (No, I’m not name-calling! No, I’m not talking about Christmas!)

    • The thing that is really neat, Pam, is that James River Bridge is smaller than miniscule. It is one barn! I didn’t know that when I put it on the map. It LOOKED like a town — so, hopefully, now Fern will turn it into “a town for a day” with all sorts of locals and not-so-locals in attendance.

      (I know of one horse event that will be happening there that day *tee hee*, but I don’t think I’m allowed to tell … so if you hear it from anywhere, it’ll be from Fern.)


  1. I’m hoping the James River Community Club will sponsor the TURKEY dinner – open to the public as a fund raiser. We are looking at both a live and silent auction – depending on the donations – the concert is a surprise!!!And a few other “fun” activities that I know will be a hit!!!!heheheeh!


    • A surprise CONCERT? Wow! Good going, girlfriend!

      Though I’m thinking you don’t want to keep it a surprise for TOO long or you won’t have anyone in the audience. As we used to say in the radio biz, “You know what happens when you don’t advertise? — Nothing!”


      • Amy, you hussy! *grin*

        (And that would be “Man” and “Tracker”, not “Hunter”, honey!) And speaking of the guy, I meant to go hear him speak a week or so ago, but my life got complicated and I didn’t make it. I’ve heard he did a nice job. (But that was from one of the people who hired him, so I think I’ll wait ’til I hear from innocent bystanders before I go trying to hire the guy — IF I decide to hire someone!)


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