Hey, did I tell you about Maddy?

It seems Maddy (our Carly’s friend) enjoyed her time with us last summer.  In fact, she enjoyed it so much that she has informed her parents that she’s NOT going to cadet camp.  She’s going “yondering” — for the entire 22-day event!

Carly wasn’t going to have to fund raise because of her “pretending Grampa”.  Now she’s gotta help Maddy!  Get crackin’, girls!  I know for a fact that if you bake your little heart out, Maddy, that Carly can get you set up in Sobey’s and she’s a whiz at selling!

Two good looking teenager girls on the trail with us for 22 days.  Oooooooh, boy!


5 thoughts on “Hey, did I tell you about Maddy?

  1. Won’t be needed horses are better than boys I have my own man here in Sundre he is tall good looking fluffy and gray only a4-5 age difference and guess what I was officially 14 at 6:44 am this morning yay


    • Happy Birthday, kiddo! Fourteen! Yikes. Time sure flies when you’re having fun. Seems like just the other day and you were a mere twelve!

      Now out you go and give “your man” a carrot for me. (He’s a very nice man, by the way. Will you be bringing him or the newbie next summer?)


  2. First of all thank you and Major doesn’t like carrots but I will give him a cookie from you and the “Newbie” is coming next year and her name is actually Northern Dancer but she will come to newbie if you have a cookie hehe. Just got to get her bomb proofed have had quite a few accidents with her already. see you soon


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