I don’t know … is it me? Or is it “them”?

I have the WORST time figuring out what computer whizz-kids are trying to tell me to do when it comes to working with their programs!  I have just spent the last 2 hours trying to RE-LEARN how to build that list of towns down the right side of the page so you can go check what’s happening in any particular town.  Makes me MENTAL!  But I must say, this time I managed to get them all showing up together instead of a drop-down list.  I think I like it better.

I would like to make you all administrators here, but I think it might create chaos — *grin* — so when you have something to say about the town you adopted, please write exactly what you want to say and I’ll cut and paste it, and put it in for you.  After that, everything becomes a “reply”, so you can post for yourself!


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