Off to the Crowsnest

Hey all!

Yours truly (rusty!) is now officially a BLOGGER!   OOOOO!

I’m just learning how to do this…You know how most of the time it’s the kids teaching Mom & Dad how to do stuff on the computer?  Well it’s a little backwards in my little family, and as I write this, my Mom is giving me a tutorial over the phone.

So please bear with me!  As I get used to this I’m gonna jump on for the occasional rant, rave, or news worthy WPY stuff.

Which brings me to my first tidbit.  Thursday morning we’re off to have our FIRST Pinkest Little Town in the West meetings down South…Thursday in the Crowsnest Pass, and Friday in Pincher Creek, Lundbreck, and Longview.

Both Crowsnest and Longview heard about us at the AUMA meetings, are very excited to hear us out!

And so the planning of our 2011 route begins…


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