Rusty and I are off and running tomorrow morning.

First stop will be to look at that trailer in Leduc.  Then, Rocky Mountain House goofed and didn’t get us on the agenda, so we’re not going there.  If they’re not too busy, we’ll try to fit a quick visit in with Peavey Mart on our way through Red Deer and give them a postmortem and framed picture as a thank you.  That should still give us lots of time to get to Caroline and make our pitch to them.  (I hope they’re as receptive as Sundre was!)

After Caroline, we’re off to Calgary, spending the night with my stepson.  Wednesday morning we visit the Co-operators to give them a postmortem on the ride and a framed picture as a gift.  Then we visit Millarville, which was looking “iffy”, but is now looking QUITE promising.  They’re talking about rolling us in with another event they’re having!  (The more the merrier, I say!)  Then, with luck, we’ll get to see Bragg Creek before hoofin’ it homeward.

It’ll be a busy two days, but with a little luck, we’ll get everything done except Rocky.  (Not the LEAST worried about Rocky.  Donna Rodtka has that town WELL in hand!)


2 thoughts on “Rusty and I are off and running tomorrow morning.

  1. I am sorry, Jackie. I thought about you, but we were really on the run. We accomplished a lot though, so that’s good. No time for social visits though, not even with my stepson. We arrived on his doorstep at 9:30pm and were on the road again at 8:00am the next morning.

    Next time, we’ll have to get together! Meanwhile, Merry Christmas to you and yours!


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