If this last road trip is any indication …

the towns we visit this summer are going to be PINK!  In previous years, we’ve had some towns that, when we explain our project to them, look at us blankly and say, “What do you need from us?”  The successful ones (like Trochu), “get it” right off the bat.  You can see the light bulbs come on over their heads … they grin like crazy and everybody starts talking at once.  “We could do this.” and “What if we did that?” and, “Hey!  What about a …?”  Well, riders, I’m here to tell you that they have virtually ALL been grinning fools this year!

Sundre has said, “Catch us if you can, towns!”  Yesterday, when we told that to Bragg Creek, the women who run the community league there said, “Ha!  They haven’t met the crazy women of Bragg Creek!  This will be GREAT for town spirit!  We’re going to win this!”

When we visited Millarville (population something like 500), it was their ag society we saw.  The day we are to arrive there (August 20), they are having their annual fair.  They get 8,000 people attending!  They always have a theme for the fair, and so far, they’ve not found one for 2011!  The woman we saw couldn’t say for sure that their theme will be pink, but her boss, the woman who makes the decision, was the one who invited us out to make our presentation.  (Unfortunately, she had to make an emergency visit to Cold Lake yesterday, so wasn’t there.)  If we land this, it will be huge!  And they have real stalls for all the horses.  The Millarville Racing and Ag Society is QUITE the facility.  We’ll feel like royalty there!


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