Liesellotte is our new friend from Belgium.

Somehow Liesellotte stumbled upon us on-line.  She has been following our escapades, and has written to me a number of times.  Her mother has been treated for breast cancer.  Liesellotte is a veterinary student in Belgium.  When she graduates, she hopes to come and ride one summer with The Riders of the Wild Pink Yonder!  Wouldn’t that be something special?  We hope ti comes to pass.


Merry Christmas, Liesellotte!  The Riders of the Wild Pink Yonder salute your dedication to your studies in veterinary medicine and wish your mother a full recovery and long life.


4 thoughts on “Liesellotte is our new friend from Belgium.

  1. It’s not “you” (as in “me, Jane”), Jackie. It is “we” … as in the whole bunch of us, and that includes YOU! And Deb Carroll. And Fern Kornelson. And … and … and … and … I could go on a long time here! We are all getting known for our epic ride! “Pardon me. Did you say 22 DAYS?” *look of disbelief followed quickly by a look of “Are they crazy?”*

    I sure hope a bunch of last year’s crew will be with us again in 2011. I’ve already heard from some that they are a definite “yes”. Hopefully it will be all of us! Wouldn’t THAT be a party!


  2. Hi Sandy here – finally responding to my assigned task to tell you all about AUMA. AUMA is an accronym for Alberta Urban Municipalities Association. All of the towns in Alberta belong – so having a presence at the annual convention seemed like a no brainer. I suppose it was meant to be cause it all happened in a hurry and fell into place the way only WPY things can. I started by inquiring about their trade show and was told it was sold out. At $1500.00 a table is was not in the budget anyway!! So…I decided that I should “go to the top”…a few phonecalls later I had the contact number of the AUMA president – (also the Mayor of Breton – one of our stops this year). Darren liked the idea and gave the information to his convention people and pulled a bunch of strings (as only the pres can do) – Then we were in!!! We had a fantastic location front and centre in the lobby of the Shaw Convention Centre. Right by the coffee table and the Lunch line. And then they gave us some time to speak to the delegates! Jane wrote a great speach, but unfortunately the business meeting went on for so long that we didn’t have a huge crowd. Barry also said a few words and also did some groundwork for us in issuing the Mayor’s challenge. We also got lots of contact info by running a free Draw for a weekend in Jasper which was donated by Paul Butler at Bear Hill Lodge. (Jane did you anounce the winner on the Website?) Any volunteers to database all that info? Jane you do have all those cards don’t you?
    What I hope our presence at AUMA did for us was raise profile and make it easier for Jane and Rusty to go into a town and make the pinkest town pitch and that we will have a great reception in every town we ride into and that translates into more $$ for Cancer research.


  3. Well said, Sandy. You aren’t giving yourself enough credit though. YOU talked to the prez. YOU thought up the Mayoral Challenge. YOU talked to Barry Kletke (Mayor of Trochu) about the Mayoral Challenge. YOU got us the weekend in Jasper to give away.

    All I did was load up the wagon, bring it to town (in minus 40 weather!) and hang around the Shaw Conference Centre.

    *smacks forehead* No, I didn’t announce the winner on the website!.

    Rusty is supposed to be organizing all that info (business cards of movers and shakers from every town in the province) into a database.

    Yes, we have all those cards.

    Being at the AUMA meetings certainly DID make it easier going into many of the towns we visited. We’ve had what appears (so far, anyway) to be a fabulous reception. I am anticipating some stellar stops this summer.


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