Gawd, I wish I’d lost ten pounds!

Instead, I’ve ADDED at LEAST ten pounds … feels more like 50 … and I just got notification that “A Woman of Vision” wants me to go to a professional photographer so that they can catch my double chin for posterity — and to put it in an ad in the Edmonton Journal!  *sigh*

I will be getting notification soon as to exact dates, but you’re now on notice that if you usually attend the “Woman of Vision” luncheon affair, tickets will be going on sale soon.  As soon as I know anything more about them (price, where to get ’em), I’ll let you know.

The luncheon is sometime in March.  C’mon out and cheer or heckle!  No, wait.  If we were going to just sit there and smile and wave, you could come and throw shoes (though I’m not as agile as George Bush!), but I think they’re gonna expect me to speak.  I’m likely going to be nervous enough, so no hecklers!  *grin*


4 thoughts on “Gawd, I wish I’d lost ten pounds!

  1. Sure hope it’s not on the 5th – that’s when we’ve got you booked to come to the 1st annual Ladies Pink Night Out in RMH.


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