If you think the website looks like scrambled eggs …

not to worry.  It will be fixed soon.

FYI … I have started to reorganize it, realizing that what I THOUGHT was logical three years ago, really isn’t.  Plus, this ride has gotten bigger than I anticipated prior to year one … and so there are areas that need to be addressed that I hadn’t anticipated and others that we hadn’t even hatched yet (like Pinkest Little Town) when I created the website.  So for the next couple of days there will be links that don’t work, pages that say they will be one thing and they are something else entirely, blank pages etc.  Not to worry.  All will be much better soon.

If you’re looking for the application form, the pledge sheet, etc, you should still be able to find it under Rider Info … I think … maybe.  If you can’t find it anywhere, shoot me an email and I’ll email the forms to you.


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