What fun! I just discovered how to find site statistics! Here’s what I’ve found….

In January we have had 265 “unique” visitors.  (How cool is that?)

Last August had the highest number of “unique” visitors.  We logged 415 of them!   And some of them visited multiple times.

Last July wasn’t bad either:  316.  That’s “unique visitors”, not “hits”.

No surprise here:  Sunday is the day of the week with the most visitors.  (Though we ARE a bad influence at work because there are QUITE a few of you taking a peek during the week.)

61% of you were not surfing.  You came directly to the website because you already knew about us.

22% used a search engine to find us.  (That’s cool too.)

16% came from another website.  I wonder who has us on their site!  Northern Horse does, I think.  Maybe some of the other horse sites?  Ooooh!  Wait!  Just found that!  You came from kijiji, Cooking Lake Saddle Club, Alberta Horse Industry (!!), Wild Pink Yonder/BM, Peavey Mart, Facebook, Cowboy Country Magazine and something called “Meet Up” for Calgary horse owners.

This is such cool stuff!  Okay, I’ll go away and leave you alone now.






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