Rusty was talking to Cremona this morning.

Apparently a number of women from the Cremona Wild Pink Yonder committee are also scrapbookers, and they went scrapbooking at St Anne Ranch in Trochu the other weekend!

For those of you who weren’t there, Trochu was a fantastic stop on our tour last summer.  In fact, they became the Pinkest Little Town in the West 2010.

So, these women went to Trochu and spent a lot of time talking to our very good friends, Holly and Toad Frere.  (Yes, everyone calls him “Toad”.  Really, he’s Tom, but “Toad” has been his moniker since he was a little kid.)  Holly and Toad told tales about the fun they had participating in our contest last year and the women got more and more excited.  They’re taking a page (or two or three!) from the Trochu play book, so I think they’ll be QUITE the threat in the Pinkest Little Town department.

I hear they have some WILD fundraisers going to happen before August.  I wonder what they’ll dream up for while we’re there.


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