Hold onto yer hats, Pinksters! This year’s start-up fandango is gonna rock!

News from The Crowsnest Pass:  there will be no fandango on the Friday night.  Fandango night will be SATURDAY, and will be “a wagon train jamboree” … campfire, guitars, cowboy poetry and more.

On Friday night, the Legion is putting on a steak dinner and dance for the community.  (I’m not sure why this isn’t the fandango, but it isn’t!)  If you plan to attend Friday night (I do!), bring your appetite … and your wallet.  This is the last meal you’ll purchase ’til the ride is over.  When I learn of the price, I’ll add it to this post.

Oh, man!  The Crowsnest Pass is sure gunnin’ for Pinkest Little Town in the West 2011!

Saturday morning there will be a pancake breakfast.  Then you’ll be given a bagged lunch for on the trail.  As I understand it, we will be staying at the same facility for the entire weekend, so no pulling down tents and setting them up again!  Yay!  You’ll head out for a 3-4 hour ride (hopefully with a guide *grin*) and meet back at the camping place for the Wild Pink Fandango on Saturday night.

Sunday?  Dunno yet.  Stay tuned.


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