The never-ending problem of tax receipts …

I know of at least one person whose pledgers have not received their tax receipts yet.  Or at least that’s what they’re telling Crystal.  Are there more out there?

Alberta Cancer Foundation tells me that they sent out all the tax receipts in November of 2010.  Did your people get theirs?  If not, did they move maybe?

If you have folks who haven’t received their tax receipts, please send me an email with their names (and addresses, if you have ’em), and I will collect them all up and forward them to Alberta Cancer Foundation … again.  Gawd, I hope Crystal’s people are the only ones.


4 thoughts on “The never-ending problem of tax receipts …

  1. You WILL be able to fax it to me as soon as I figure out how to configure my printer to my new “smart ring” fax. I’m saving $500 a year by giving up a separate dedicated line for faxes.

    Now “all” I have to do is get into the basement and switch the wires, and then figure out how to tell the printer to recognize the smart ring.


  2. Oh, good! I was starting to worry that NOBODY got theirs. Talk about sweating! *grin* So maybe it’s just a few who’ve fallen through the cracks? Or, as the Alberta Cancer Foundation wondered, did they see something from ACF and think it was a request for money so just throw it out without opening it?

    Inquiring minds go … hmmmmmmm.


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