The Woman of Vision luncheon — last call.

I have had a few questions as to how we arrange this so that we all sit together.  Turns out there are two ways to accomplish it.

1.  Each person who wants to join us can register on-line (where you can pay by credit card or cheque) at  At the seventh sentence, you’ll see to “click here” to go to a secure site.  Simply ignore the table selection page (because you and I are special, with our own table and all).  THEY will make sure we’re all together as long as I send a guest list.  So if you’re coming, you have to let me know — soon!

2.  You let me know you’re coming, I send a guest list to Caitlin and then you can call her personally with payment info.  She will then process it manually for you.  Caitlin’s number is (780) 448-5957.

So, if you’re coming, which way do you want to do this?

So far, at my table, we have me, Rusty, Raelene and my hubby for sure.  We have room for 6 more — and I’ve heard form five who think they’d like to come, if they can arrange it.  “If”.  So if you’re one of the if’s, please make your move soon.  End of the month they’re releasing any unspoken-for spots at my table to the general public.

What’s MY topic to speak about?

From the desk of Lesley MacDonald (our host):  Jane, how do you react when people tell you, “You can’t”? NOTE:  You made a huge point of wanting to tell young people about how everyone told you this was something you couldn’t do, and your advise was, “Don’t listen to them.”  Here’s your chance!

2 minutes.  They give me two minutes to expound on that.  *starting to sweat*


2 thoughts on “The Woman of Vision luncheon — last call.

  1. *giggle. snort.* I keep forgetting those pesky little details!

    Date: March 18th
    Time: Reception starts at 11:15 (but lunch doesn’t start ’til noon) — ends at 2:00pm.
    Place: Westin Hotel (downtown Edmonton)
    Cost: $75/person (sorry, I’m not buying — wish I could!)


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