God bless the fighting Irish!

Sure, the jokes are all about the Irish temper and penchant for drink … but sometimes the stereotypes miss the mark.

THIS fighting Irish WOMAN is a real scrapper — and she’s scored what may turn out to be a TKO for stage 4 breast cancer!  She’s Dr. Helen McCarthy, a research scientist at Queen’s University in Belfast.  In a nutshell, it seems she has found a way (in the lab, not in people — yet) to transport a nano sized bit of lethal gene to breast cancer cells.  Apparently the big problem has been a way to get the killer TO the cells.  With Dr. McCarthy’s help, when this gene gets to its destination, it forces the breast cancer cells to produce lethal nitric oxide, which either kills the cells outright, or weakens them so chemo and/or radiation can finish them off.

How cool is that?

I know that this particular piece of research wasn’t done with Wild Pink Yonder funds, but doesn’t it make you feel good that your money is going to this same kind of thing?

Here’s the link:  http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/217619.php


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