Millarville, here we come!

We just got word that both the Millarville Fair Committee and the Millarville Racing Association Board of Directions are on board with having our riders visit during their fair this summer!  This is VERY exciting news.  I think it will be a premiere stop for us.  They have 7,000-8,000 people out for this weekend!

Their publicity people want to talk to us about getting the word out in the Calgary area to see if we can get more publicity for them and more publicity for us … and make their crowd even bigger.  They don’t know it yet, but I want to talk to them about having an “Ascot Hat Event” while we’re there.  Have you ever seen some of the hats that women fashion for the big race day in Ascot, England?  They are fantastic, and in all the newspapers.  I’m thinking that Millarville ought to have a PINK hat day.  Wouldn’t THAT get the press’ attention!  *grin*

So, if you’ve not chosen your riding days, and you’re only coming for a few, this would be an excellent day to choose!


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