Two items of interest to Pinksters …

To those of you waiting anxiously for our on-line pledging function to be created … the good news is that Alberta Cancer Foundation advises that they’ll likely have us up and running in a week (or so).  We will be the first fundraiser on their new system.  The minute I know something, I’ll put notification both here and on the home page … and on Facebook, maybe, too.

To those of you looking for a good time, Saturday night is Ladies Pink Night Out in Rocky Mountain House.  Gentlemen in pink shirts will be serving the ladies all night long.  All sorts of great stuff happening.  Donna, please add a note to this to tell the ladies what’s going on.

I’ll be there.  If you’d like to be there too, please contact Donna Rodtka at (403) 844-7144 or through the email addy of horsefeathers_2009 at  I’ll be spending the night at the Best Western, if you’re interested in joining me.


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