Ladies’ Pink Night Out … and the decision is …

TWO THUMBS UP!  Wow!  Our own Donna Rodtka, and her friend, Laureen Hall, really did it up right on Saturday night!  I don’t know what the head count was, but it was high.  And what an evening these two enterprising women hosted!

We started with a young glee club wearing sparkly pink vests.  (No, I wasn’t drinking — and I’m not usually THAT bad with a camera, but it’s the only shot I got of them.)

Then there was the welcome from Donna and Laureen followed by a short summary of what Wild Pink Yonder is and how it relates to LPNO.  And then the fun really got underway!  If you rode with us into Bashaw last year, you’ll remember Ty Christian Wilson.  He brought his guitar and sang.  A very talented dancer from Rocky did a demo of hoola hoop dancing.  It was really, REALLY neat.  First she did one with all the lights on.  Then she did one with the lights out and her hoola hoop lit up.  Spectacular!  (If you can get that slim by playing with a hoola hoop, I think I need one — badly!)  We had a fashion show … and a really impressive silent auction … a raffle for a beautiful wine and hard liquor basket with lovely wine glasses … a live auction for a helicopter ride from Rocky up and through the mountains (so wish I lived closer.  I’d have been in the hunt for that one!) … and a live auction for “The Beehive”.  (I’ll tell you about that in a separate blog.)

All the while that this was going on, we were sitting at tables (decorated with WPY pink bandannas) while men in pink shirts circulated constantly serving a wide assortment of appetizers.  Enough appetizers, in fact, to call it dinner!  They were yummy, and made by these women.  No store-bought stuff at this prestigious event! And look at the dessert the women made! That’s fresh fruit under the cones, pretzels dipped in chocolate and the cones are filled with whipped cream.  (Where’s that hoola hoop!?!)

Oh, yes!  I forgot to mention, we had the “Red Hat Ladies” in attendance.  What a hoot!

I got to spend the evening with one of last year’s riders, Cheryl Peressini, and her sister.  Cheryl is seriously thinking about being a Long Rider this year.  (Yippy!  I really hope she does.  She’s a peach, and that’s for sure.)  I have footagea of Cheryl, but apparently I don’t know how to make it into something this blog will recognize.  Durn!

This event was a roaring success, and never mind “inaugural”.  I hear they’re going for “annual”.  Way to go, Donna and Laureen!

Aside:  to drive home how big a success this was, Friday night was a big, established fundraiser in Rocky for something else and that whole weekend Rocky hosted a women’s bonspiel as well.  So for Donna and Laureen’s event to be as well attended as it was, you know they did a superlative job.

We have some amazing Pinksters out there!  *high five to Donna and Laureen*  I hope you invite me back next year!


3 thoughts on “Ladies’ Pink Night Out … and the decision is …

  1. Glad to hear it Cheryl. It was wonderful seeing you again. That’s one of the benefits of WPY – you get to meet all these wonderful people.


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