If you weren’t with us in Trochu on Saturday night, you really missed out!

Over the next few days I’m going to show you a bunch of pictures from Trochu’s Pinkest Little Town in the West celebration dance — a family dance.  What a great time!  What a great town!  What a bunch of great people!  We adore Trochu.

The band we hired to entertain them is called “Five on the Side”, and are they ever good!  Their singer did a monster job of getting all the kids at the dance up and involved.  Whenever she came down off the stage to be able to interact with them, they followed her around like she was the Pied Piper!  And sometimes even the other band members came down off the stage!

See our Trochu flag hanging on the wall behind Holly?

And the band played on ... not necessarily from up on the stage where they started!










Raelene was a dancing fool … first dancing with Rusty, then Holly, then Brooke (our Alberta Cancer Foundation rep) and sometimes just dancing all by herself!  I didn’t dance with anyone ‘cuz I’m on crutches, having had bunion surgery on Tuesday.  It was my job to drink the red wine (and I made a fine job of it).  Rusty’s job was to deliver the speech to Trochu, thanking them for their awesomeness and unveiling the Pinkest Little Town in the West signs (which they loved).

More tomorrow.  I’m pooped tonight.


4 thoughts on “If you weren’t with us in Trochu on Saturday night, you really missed out!

  1. And what a party it was! So good to see Jane and Rusty again. Thanks to everyone who helped our committee have such a good time celebrating all your hard work. Watch out for Cremona in 2011…
    Cheryl in Trochu


  2. Jane and Rusty (and Raelene) loved every minute of that dance! Five on the Side is a pretty awesome band, and as all of us who were in Trochu on August 26th know, Trochuites ROCK!

    I’ve heard some of what is starting to happen in Cremona … and how Trochu has been mentoring them. This is going to be verrrrrrry interesting! *grin*


  3. Sorry I didn’t end up making it the road report was iffy and not up driving home that late on my own. I was thinking about you though.


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