News from … Yellowknife?

You’re not going to believe this!  Some horse people in Yellowknife saw our ad on Kijiji, and they want in!  They are talking about getting a contingent together and riding with us in 2012.  (I have to believe that if they’re coming THAT far, they’ll ride the entire 22 days.)  And in the meantime, they want to put on a Pink-a-Palooza THIS year!

Man, this thing is getting out of hand!  *big fat grin*


4 thoughts on “News from … Yellowknife?

  1. WooHoo Yellowknife!!! Jane if you head up that way you have to go right through High Level if you drive.. Stop to say Hi..


    • Peggy … I can’t see any way that I would be DRIVING to Yellowknife! But you KNOW that if I were to try, I’d be stopping for coffee at your house!

      No, I suspect that the Pink-a-Palooza in Yellowknife will have to be put on and run completely by the Aurora Horse Club. But the REALLY neat thing is, if they do this, they want to come and make a cheque presentation at Fultonvale! How cool is that? *grin*


  2. OMG, bigger & better, bigger & better. And they told you this couldn’t be done, Jane. I don’t really believe in coincidence anymore, so in the greater scheme of things, Jane, if someone had to get b/c, maybe it was meant to be you. WHO ELSE would do something as outrageous as WPY and be able to pull it off?


  3. *giggle, snort, lol.* Thank you for the compliment, Donna!

    You know, I’ve heard women say that getting breast cancer has been a blessing — that it has enriched their lives. I used to think they were nuts. Then I got b/c, and I find it is definitely so. I never would have thought to do something like this if I’d not had breast cancer. I’d never have considered that I could even pull it off! And had I not tried WPY, I’d never have met all of you wonderful folks. Make no mistake: since I started this adventure, I am the one who has benefited most. I’ve met nothing but STELLAR individuals like you, Donna, and count you amongst my best friends.

    When you’ve stared down the barrel of “the pink gun”, everything changes. In the beginning, your first thought is, “Oh, my God. I … am going … to die.” You really believe it. So when you DON’T die, suddenly you realize that this life ain’t no dress rehearsal! You’ve only got ONE life to live, and you better make the most of it. THAT realization removes SO many barriers, it is amazing. I mean, what’s the worst that can happen if you try to organize a 22-day, 300+ mile trail ride that everybody says is impossible? It fails? So what? THAT isn’t going to kill you! Suddenly the horizon is VERY broad indeed.

    Okay … now I’ve waxed philosophical for long enough. Yellowknife … here we come! *grin*


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