Not everyone tells us when we make a poor decision. That happens within families, in work situations, and throughout life.

It also happens in the Wild Pink Yonder.

I am only aware of one seriously disgruntled Pinkster last summer.  When you think about it, that’s not a half bad record.

I knew this particular Pinkster was disgruntled when she left the ride, but didn’t have a chance to talk to her then.  After the ride, I emailed her.  I said, “I know you didn’t enjoy the ride as much as you’d hoped.  Would you mind telling me what didn’t work for you?”  I’ve asked nicely — twice.  She has never responded.   The disappointing (okay, annoying!) part is that she’s bad-mouthed us all over the town where she lives (I have my spies), but she don’t talk to me.  So I started thinking about that this morning.  (Strange where one’s mind goes when one is bored to death because of a bum foot!)

I am asking that all Pinksters write me an email or give me a phone call if there is something that rubbed you the wrong way on the ride … or something you think could be done better … or any ol’ thing whatsoever.  You are welcome to just complain ‘cuz you don’t have a clue how to fix “it”.  You are welcome to complain and offer a solution.  As long as what you are doing is constructive criticism, I can take it.   (Just don’t call me names … and don’t be mad if we don’t take your suggestion … and we’ll do fine!  *grin*)

So … what’s on your mind?

(Come to think of it, we’ll take accolades as well … just know that if you do that, you’ll likely wind up on the WPY “You Said It” page.)


2 thoughts on “Not everyone tells us when we make a poor decision. That happens within families, in work situations, and throughout life.

  1. So you want the good, the bad, and the ugly? Are you sure?

    So the good, for the most part, would be the wonderful people I met on the ride. Then there were the towns like Trochu & Bashaw. The bad was a bit of unorganization (to be expected with just the two of you trying to do a twenty-person job!!!! but I think that was remedied at the committee meetings we had last fall. And the ugly – well Jane, that would be my bed-head and my mood after freezing my a*** off all night long in the horse trailer – that’s a mistake I hope not to make again *grin*.


  2. *giggle. snort.* Love it, Donna.

    By the way, someone told me recently that a GREAT way to keep warm in a situation like you are describing is to sleep on a raised cot … and put a tent heater UNDER the foot of the cot, with a “skirt” around the entire bed. Is that brilliant, or what? (As long as you don’t scorch your toes! *grin*)


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