If you are into gaited horses, you may find this interesting …

I have “met” (on the phone) a couple from northern AB who have three Paso Fino mares that need new homes.  These folks are having to move into town and are way too busy to spend any time with the horses anymore.

These are the mares:

1.  a 5 year old dapple grey, green broke, 13.3-14hh.  Price:  $600 firm.

2.  a 16 year old dun, well broke, hot (but fun once you get to know her), 14.2hh, slight build (so probably in the 850 lb range — great for a smaller woman).  Price:  $800 firm.

3.  a 21 year old chestnut, broke to death, 14.3hh, heavier build.  Price:  $800.

If you know anything about Paso Finos, you know that they are quite uncommon in these parts, and these prices are quite extraordinary.  If you DON’T know anything about Paso Finos, they are certainly smaller than your average Quarterhorse and are smooth as silk to ride.  (Dare I say it?  Yes!  They’re even smoother than a Tennessee Walking Horse.)  If you have a bad back, or you’re into spending long hours on the trail, this is the horse for you — as long as you can stand not being on a giant horse!

If you’re interested in any of these three, please drop me a line.  I’ll put you in touch with the owners.


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