A Manitoba woman who has benefited from breast cancer research, and whose daughters will benefit as well.

My name is Gail Vatnsdal and I am whoever you want to call me — a “Warrior” – “Survivor” . I read on the facebook that the last day of the ride is filling up. I have filled out 3 forms for my 2 daughters and myself. I am hoping to go for the last 3 days and have 2 of my 4 daughters ride with me. My youngest “Thorunnn” goes to Ecole Dugald school and is bringing her pledge form to school tomorrow. “Signey” busses to the city and is bringing hers in as well.  I am hoping we will be able to participate in the last 3 days and depending on pledges I am hoping to participate for even more days.

It’s ironic that I am able to ride in this as I discovered my lump after my daughter “Signey” kicked me in the breast (unintentionally of course) when I was helping her on one of our horses.  Breast cancer has plagued my family for years…my father had breast cancer as well as his sister. When I was diagnosed they sent my for some hereditary testing and because of my Icelandic background the mutant gene was easy to find… 999 del 15.  The thing with this gene is I had a 50/50 chance of having it and now each of my daughters has the same chance. Not great odds.

No, it’s not great odds, Gail … but you found your tumour in time, and then, because of research, you were able to find out that you HAVE that gene.  That is a HUGE benefit to your daughters.  They now know to be extra vigilant.  That may well save their lives.  This is the kind of research that Wild Pink Yonder funds.

I hope there is room on the end of the Manitoba ride and you and your daughters can join us then.


2 thoughts on “A Manitoba woman who has benefited from breast cancer research, and whose daughters will benefit as well.

  1. Oh Jane, they are sooooooooo joining us!!! Thorunnn will be riding my big Appy (pinked out) because they only have 2 horses and I would not have any of them sitting out. Thorunnn and Signey are the perfect example of why I do this ride. Not only will they benefit but think of how many of their friends are going to be more aware and more vigilant just because they have learned the facts from their friends!

    Because of the gene Gail found she has had a double mastectomy and a complete hysterectomy and saved her life. She has not been on her horse since the night before her double mastectomy. Her horses are both at a trainers right now getting a tune up then its a summer of conditioning. Signeys horse died of colic last summer and since then she had lost interest in riding. This ride has changed that as well. So we are not only raising funds and awareness for breast cancer, we have brought a family and their horses back together.

    I look forward to meeting Gail and her girls soon, getting Thorunnn and Deacon aquainted (and help conditioning him) and riding Manitobas Pink Trail with this wonderful and determined family!

    Happy Trails Y’all!


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