Pinksters, I need your help.

I need to decide what we will call the day at the end of the ride each year.  Once I have a title for it, I will make a logo (if I don’t own it already).  I want it to be something with some pizzazz.

We use the term “fandango” to mean a gathering that involves food and music and we have a lovely logo for that.  This is it:

We use the term “pink-a-palooza” to indicate a gathering for an event that involves horses (could be a weekend ride, a day at the track, a gymkhana etc) and we have a logo for that.  It looks like this:

So here’s the thing:  what do we call our last day on the trail?  It involves riding for a few hours, ending in a lap around the arena at Fultonvale where (hopefully) the bleachers will be filled with people.  After our victory lap, we will untack, put horses away and join the festivities which may involve (but don’t hold us to it just yet) a trade show, a farmer’s market, a food concession, a penny carnival and a music concert in the evening.  So, is this a “Final Fandango” … or “Trail’s End” … or some kind of Palooza … or something else entirely?

Now don’t go getting hung up on the logos I’ve just shown you.  We can use them, or we don’t have to.  What is the BEST name for this last day?  THAT is what I’m having trouble with … and I think I’m too close to it to be able to think clearly.

One last thing:  there is no such thing as a stupid suggestion.  You never, ever know.  As a creative writer who worked for years as a copy writer, I know that sometimes what appears to be a dumb idea spawns a brillliant one.  So please … help me out here.  I’m going crazy trying to name this thing!


5 thoughts on “Pinksters, I need your help.

  1. Pink-a-Finale?

    Oxford defines it as “the last movement of an instrumental composition (which we are in a way)…a piece of music closing an act in an opera (well?)…the close of a drama, etc…a conclusion.


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