Tired of your job? Looking for a challenge?

Ever thought about becoming a Wild Pink Bounty Hunter?  Unfortunately, the job doesn’t pay well.  In fact, it doesn’t pay at all!  Your reward is the satisfaction of tracking down new riders.

This is most likely an evening position.  Job requirements:  people-oriented friendly personality, passion for the Wild Pink Way, ability to sweet talk even the most ornery ol’ mule!

Your objectives will be threefold:

  • Find new riders to join the ride (and if you are responsible for bringing in more than anyone else, it could wind up netting you the beautiful handmade photo scrap book donated by Donna Rodtka).
  • Talk folks into downloading and hanging our poster wherever they go (especially in barns and at gas stations).
  • Convince folks to let you come to their monthly club/discipline/breed meeting and make a presentation.  (We will provide you with a power point presentation and a cheat sheet of notes — you’ll come out smelling like a rose.)

Interested?  Pleeeeeease?  Call me or drop me (Jane) a line.  We need to get on this asap and I’m already run ragged.  THREE MONTHS ’til Fandango!  Can you believe it?  Yikes!


2 thoughts on “Tired of your job? Looking for a challenge?

  1. Hey Jane, I hope you have LOTS OF TAKERS on this – it is SO IMPORTANT. Although I don’t have time to officially meet with any groups, etc, please know that I am ‘talking us up’ everywhere I go and encouraging anyone and everyone who rides, to join us.


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