Speaking of Devon …

I’ve not heard from any riders willing to pinkify and come to the Devon Parade.  It’s coming up right smartly.  Weekend after this.  May 28th.

Well, I should make it clear that I (Jane) have not heard about any riders willing to come get pink for Devon.  Rusty may have and has neglected to tell me.

We really NEED to make a splash in Devon.  They are going “pink and blue” … the blue being for prostate cancer.  I’d HATE to be shown up by a bunch of boys in blue!  Come ON, Pinksters (men and women).  Come do our colour proud!


2 thoughts on “Speaking of Devon …

  1. We are on lockdown at the horse palace because of the equine herpes so we cannot go anywhere and we have to skip the caroline parade because of it sorry.


  2. hey there Rusty and Jane send me the info i would like to be in the parade and my friend Alisha would like to join to and help the PINKSTERS OUT =)


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