Yippy, skippy, dippy, doo-da!

Wild Pink may have a new (to us) 5th wheel stock trailer!  It’s a 27.5′ (total length) Travalong.  Steel.  7 feet wide.  Just slightly too short for the wagon, but if this pans out, we’re gonna jury-rig the back stairs on the wagon so it fits in the trailer!

You can’t imagine how pleased I am over this.  I have been looking at trailers for months.  I spend hours and hours and hours over days and days and days looking at ads, making phone calls, checking things out.  Almost invariably, the trailer in question is either too narrow, too short (height), or too short (length).  Either that or it’s beat up beyond all recognition as a trailer.

This one is down by Lethbridge.  The owner is going to bring it up to Red Deer on Tuesday.  Rusty and I will check it out and if it looks anywhere NEAR as good as it looks in pictures, we’re grabbing it.

THEN we’ll be able to attend all the parades we want to!  We’ll be at Sundre … at Caroline … probably too late for Devon.  For that occasion, it looks like the Daleys will take their Fjords and meet us there, so we’ll fool everybody into thinking we’re organized.  *grin*

Yippy skippy!  Yippy skippy!  (This better pan out or I’m taking the bridge.)


One thought on “Yippy, skippy, dippy, doo-da!

  1. My grandma sharon in B.C actually had a horse trailer made for her to use for showing and I think she was selling it but it was not a stock trailer. It was really nice!


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