Straight from the horse’s mouth …

Friday, August 12th, we are all invited to attend the Crowsnest Pass Legion’s Steak Dinner and Dance in Coleman. 

These mountain folk are MY kind of people.  Start time is “probably between 6:00 and 7:00”.  The price is $15.00 if you’re wearing pink, $20.00 if you aren’t.  Yep, definitely my kind of people!

If you arrive in time and choose to come to the Legion’s dinner, this is the last meal you will pay for.  Starting Saturday morning, either a town group will be feeding you, or Wild Pink Yonder will.  If you are one of those people who has trouble keeping your weight up, this ride is for you!  On the other hand, if you’re like me … start the diet now.  You’ll want to go into this about ten pounds under weight!  There WILL be pink pancakes — often.  They are usually served with sausages and toast.  And we hope you like hamburgers, because you’ll have them — often — and occasionally on pink buns!

But on Friday the 12th, it’s an evening of steak and music in the mountains.  For our female attendees who aren’t bringing a man with you … I will have my hubby there.  You can borrow him.  He does a fine two-step.  And there’s always Rusty.  Raelene took him to a swing dance class, so he ought to be a hoot, and I’m sure Rae will share!  (Come to think of it, Cheryl will have Tony along too.  Does Tony dance, Cheryl?  If he does, will you share?)

Getting excited!  What a great way to start the ride!


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