When Devon puts on a parade …

All I can say is, “Wow!”  Devon comes out in droves to support their town!

We had two outriders (Long Rider CJ was one of them) and five walkers.  I am a HUGE believer in walkers when you have horses in parades.  No one will EVER convince me they aren’t needed.  The horse group behind us didn’t have walkers and had a disaster.  The parade organizers were not on the bit for this one.  Either they didn’t think to put the horses far away from the highway tractors pulling floats, or they neglected to tell the tractor drivers to lay off the horns.  So at one point we were stopped and the tractor driver right in front of us hit the horn — just for fun.  We had the Daly’s horses that are so calm it’s unbelievable, so we were okay.  The riders behind us were not.  One of the horses freaked.  Its rider bailed and grabbed at the reins in an attempt to stop the horse from jumping into spectators, but was not successful.  No children were hurt, but one older woman who had been sitting in a lawn chair was knocked down and stepped on.  I don’t know how much she was hurt.

But, from my point of view … things looked pretty darn good!

Our wagon travelled on the flat deck nicely.  The Daly’s horses were perfect.








Our outriders had no trouble whatsoever.









We had five — FIVE — walkers.  Life was good.

The pink factor was off the charts at this event.  Devon is doing Wild Pink Yonder proud!




So once the parade was over, we had to go celebrate at Florida Pizza.  (Don’t ask me!  I’d have called it “Devon Pizza” or “Oil Town Pizza” or something!)



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