Last weekend we told Don and Pat Daley that we couldn’t find a good trailer, and would they keep their eyes peeled …

It was about two days, maybe three, before they called us and said they’d found one that “might” do.

“Might do”?  “MIGHT”?  Ha!

Today Rusty and I met Don and Pat who led us to Ken’s place.  We are now the VERY proud owners of an all-aluminum Sooner 5th wheel stock trailer!  It is perfect, and even larger than we’d hoped.  After a little TLC (brakes and lights), we will be able to take our trailer, team and a couple of spare horses to boot!

We can’t thank Don and Pat enough.  And Ken is a peach for letting us have it.

Now:  do we have someone who knows how to fix lights on a trailer?  We don’t know if the wires are good or not, but we know for sure that the light bases and lenses are looking a bit worse for wear.  Oh yeah, and there is NO plug on the end that attaches to the truck.  As for the brakes, apparently we need them “done” (whatever that entails) and we ought to have the bearings repacked.  If you have any of these skills and would like to join our work weekend, please let me know.  (A work weekend is a carefully blended mix of work, beer and wine with burgers ‘n’ other meals thrown in.)

When’s the next work weekend?  Dunno.  When are you free?  *grin*


3 thoughts on “Last weekend we told Don and Pat Daley that we couldn’t find a good trailer, and would they keep their eyes peeled …

  1. CONGRATS!!!

    If you can get it to Manitoba my neighbor could do all the wiring! hehehe sorry, other than that cant be much help unless you want to send me a plane ticket. I could paint or wash or drink beer and supervise! 🙂

    I assume your wagon fits in that trailer also??


  2. I have “my guy” here in Sundre that keeps me on the road and safe BUT he works for MONEY!!!!!! I just thought maybe that information would entitle me to be part of the “work week-end”!hahahahah


  3. The previous owner thinks the wiring is just a case of putting new ends on things … you know, like new plastic thingies that screw onto to the metal to carry the light bulbs and new lense covers. We shall see about that. I know that the electrical wiring diagram is still visible on the side of the trailer, so that may be of assistance.

    This trailer is all-aluminum, so it could use an acid wash to make it sparkle again, but there is NO RUST. And anywhere that cattle caused damage, they had TIG welded back into place. We are OVER THE MOON happy with this trailer.

    I measured most of the trailer. It’s 7′ wide inside. The very rear compartment is 8′ long. The middle compartment is 10′, and I’m pretty sure the front one is 10′ as well. That gives us 28′ of deck space! We’re considering having the front inner gate moved by 2′ so the wagon can fit in the very front compartment, leaving us TWO 7’x8′ box stalls. Cool, or what?

    In the case of an emergency, we would be able to get about 12-14 horses in there.

    Fern, we don’t want “your guy” for our work weekend (unless he’ll work for beer and burgers) … but we’ll sure take YOU. We have a number of things to do. Gotta wire brush and paint the trailer that will carry the barn and biffy. (I wonder how David will feel about his trailer being painted pink? *grin*) Gotta re-jig the inside of the barn. Gotta fix a couple of shingles on the barn. Gotta sort out everything that will go IN the barn and come up with a numbered floor plan. Also, gotta figure out where to put everything else (like food stuffs).

    It won’t be a HARD working weekend, but we’re hoping to put one together when everybody will come, bring a tent or trailer and spend the weekend at my place “making things right” before the ride.

    I am now taking suggestions as to when this ought to happen.


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