Oh-oh! Canada Post is on strike!

From what I hear on the news, this means rolling strikes, so if you are trying to register to ride, it will get here — eventually.  Please take a moment and send an email to let us know your dates so we can mark them off for you.  You’ll get confirmation of your ride via email once your paperwork shows up.  If you’ve not put your application in the mail yet, you can still do so (as long as there’s room in the post boxes), knowing that it will get here eventually.  Still, please email us your requested dates.  Your other option now is to hold the application ’til we see you on the trail.  We will require the signed application before you ride though, because part of the application is the legal waiver.

As for pledge monies, as long as the strike goes on, the best way to collect pledges is through the electronic webpage you can have on the Alberta Cancer Foundation site.  But again, if you have cheques, this is not insurmountable.  We’re close enough to ride date now that any cheques you get in are not going to stale date, therefore you can save them all up and hand ’em over on the day you start riding.  Alternately, if folks will trust you, you can have the cheques made out to your name, cash them and give us the cash when you show up to ride.  Just don’t forget to do tax receipt forms!

So, this strike is inconvenient, but not fatal.


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