Gotta love that Grimbly family!

Steve and Curtis Grimbly (along with girlfriend CJ Lang) took a Sunday drive to my place this afternoon.  Curtis (the mechanic) brought his electrical wire fixin’ stuff and went to work on the new Wild Pink stock trailer — and voila!  We have lights!  Well, we have power to the lights.  Some lights work.  Some need bulbs.  Some need to be replaced completely.  When we get to the Wild Pink Work Weekend, Curtis will replace/fix all of  those light fixtures plus wire up the brakes.

Meanwhile, I have to get the trailer to a trailer shop and have them repack the bearings and check the mechanical parts of the brakes.

I also have to get a gallon of something called “Spray Nine” so that a team of Wild Pink Work Weekenders can spray down the trailer and then scrub it with a broom.  Apparently it will then shine like brand new!

So … when will we have this Wild Pink Work Weekend?  Anybody got any suggestions?  (Wild Pink will supply all meals.  BYOB.)


2 thoughts on “Gotta love that Grimbly family!

  1. If I lived within 50 miles of your place, Jane, I’d be there in a New York minute to help. Just like in time of war, all folks rally around to help each other and so in our battle with cancer, super kudos to Steve and Curtis for their kind help to make the trailer project a success. If reading the news of their stepping up to the plate doesn’t make you want to take part and support this year’s ride…….???

    Hugh Martell
    Vancouver, B.C.


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