You want to see amazing?

Look at this!

I know I keep saying we need to hold this down to a dull roar … but honestly, don’t we NEED a plane like that?

I don’t mean need as in, “I want one of our own”.  I mean need as in, “Wouldn’t it be cool if one of the airlines painted one, or some, of their planes pink for us?”

Anybody got an inside track with WestJet?  *eyebrows waggling madly*  Come to think of it, there was some talk a while ago from our pink horse friends in Yellowknife about Buffalo Airway and some pink paint.  Anybody here on a first name basis with Buffalo Joe?


5 thoughts on “You want to see amazing?

  1. Well, I do have a friend who works in Norman Wells who was on some of the Ice Pilots episodes lol

    Come to think of it Jane, why do we need a friend of?? Just call him yourself!!



    • My nephew is a television producer of some repute. He was the lead on a number of the Ice Pilot episodes. I wonder if HE knows Buffalo Joe. Though I have to tell you, Pam, painting an airplane is NOT an inexpensive thing to do. But it would certainly be one hell of a publicity stunt for Buffalo Airways, wouldn’t it? *grin*


  2. You don’t have to paint the whole plane – why not just paint a large pink ribbon on the fuselage and / or wings?


    • Good thought, Hugh! If/when I have time to go after this (it will NOT be before this year’s ride) … I’ll keep that in mind. Unless, of course, someone else here wants to take on this “little” job. *grin*


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